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Reverse Innovation and the role of Mobile

Reverse-innovationReverse Innovation was coined by Vijay Govindarajan and it’s a very powerful phenomenon. Its the kind of innovation that happens in emerging & poorer markets and the best of breed filter into the developed world. Reverse innovation stems from the needs of poorer masses in emerging & developing countries and has a profound effect on their lives. It can also have a significant influence on products and services in developed countries. India is a hotbed for innovation, more particularly for mobile innovation and there are lessons to be learned from market tested products that have touched the lives of millions, especially in BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) markets.
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Facebook Home & Mobile Advertising

facebook-home-via-cnetThe battle for mobile advertising is heating up. While Google has a sustained business model for mobile advertising, Facebook is still testing the waters. Google’s mobile ad revenues are 4 times that of Facebook’s. Furthermore, ad metrics comparison between GOOG & FB is not necessarily straightforward. There is a simple underlying distinction – Google indexes the web and FB indexes relationships. Using that perspective its apparent how mobile ad revenues can balloon on either side – depending on the exponential growth rates of relationships or simply the future expanse of the “web universe”.
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