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Made in NYC – 3 technology driven KickStarter projects

KickStarter, IndieGoGo, Startsomegood are a few of the crowd funding destinations I like to visit on a pretty regular basis. Its where, I can get lost researching on various projects and the technologies behind it. These sites have become a hotbed for creators and investors (both retail and accredited). Crowd funding acts as a preliminary validation platform and can provide for great sources of innovation and thereby attract seed and early stage investment capital. Let’s not forget Oculus Rift, the headset maker acquired by FB for $2B, was a project on Kickstarter.
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Let there be Light

Light_InnovationA fifth of the world’s population lives without electricity and a billion more with unstable supply of energy. Close to 35% of the world live in darkness – even during the day. The lack of light has incredible negative effects on productivity and thereby directly results in a death spiral for the poor. The end result is that the poor continue to be poor. Yes, it’s bleak.
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Creating a new value curve

In today’s rapidly innovating markets it’s not enough to be just nimble & agile. As an incumbent or market leader you cannot expect that operational efficiency & excellence will allow you to out-compete your competitors. You need something more. You need a combination of thorough industry analysis, market re-segmentation and creating a new value curve where the existing one is being infringed upon by players from all directions.
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