Apple & Beats by Dre – The Synergies

beats-by-dr.-dre-logo-448x298The stories are abound this week. Apple to acquire Beats by Dre. Dre to become the first billionaire hip-hop Moghul. Overpriced valuation, right valuation, Apple is only interested in the hardware, Apple wants to augment its iTunes with a new service etc. Without delving deeper into the valuation or financial synergies – which I cannot comment upon since Beats is private, the strategy as to why Apple is acquiring Beats is quite clear to me. Its 2 fold – acquire an extremely popular hardware maker with capacity to scale while bringing in some much needed “youth” to its iTunes offering.
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Seva 360 – A new health exchange in India

seva360LogoA company that pops up over and over again on my website is Sevamob. Its a fantastic organization that has used innovative mobile technology to bring healthcare and other advisory services (farming, animal husbandry etc.) to the masses in North East India. Sevamob recently launched a new service and product. Its similar to services here in the US ala Zocdoc and its competitors (TopDoc, Clinic Book etc.). So what’s  Seva 360 all about and what can it offer as a product and a service?
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Competitive Advantage from the Bottom of the Pyramid

lg_electronics_logo_2486In a world where global competition is absolute, companies are looking at new ways to gain sustained competitive advantages. Global firms have employed blue ocean strategies to cater their services and offerings to the BoP (Bottom of Pyramid). The BoP markets are a hotbed for innovation and companies that are able to mold their business models to fit within this paradigm can truly alter traditional business models.
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Competitive Advantage from the bottom of the pyramid

A few weeks ago I had written an article for Leader Lab on companies gaining competitive advantages by employing strategies gained from focusing on the bottom of the pyramid markets. Below is the direct link to the article. Enjoy!

Let there be Light

Light_InnovationA fifth of the world’s population lives without electricity and a billion more with unstable supply of energy. Close to 35% of the world live in darkness – even during the day. The lack of light has incredible negative effects on productivity and thereby directly results in a death spiral for the poor. The end result is that the poor continue to be poor. Yes, it’s bleak.
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