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Judo Business Strategy

judoI’ve been exposed to various business strategies employed by big businesses. They range from head-on battles like price wars to buy outs and hiring the competitors’ management teams. While these strategies might work for incumbents, a new player entering an established market cannot opt for any of the battles mentioned above – quite simply they just don’t have the financial clout to do so. However, there is a way the smaller players can make a dent and create market share for themselves – by employing the Judo strategy.

What is the Judo strategy? In a nutshell it uses the incumbents’ size and position against itself to carve out a niche for itself. This can be done by creating a new value curve, finding a blue ocean all while being nimble and agile.  By operating “under the radar” you can quite easily go unnoticed, lap up market share before the behemoths of the industry realize what happened. So how does it work?
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The Low Hanging Fruit – Social Media Sales

Social-Media-Sales-Low-Hanging-FruitI’m a big proponent of looking across industries when trying to innovate within one’s own industry. This applies not only to operational innovation but also to sales & marketing strategy. Looking across industries for new ideas opens your field of vision and makes you think about solutions which you previously thought were only applicable to that particular industry. For example, look how far Kaizen & Lean have come. They were a mainstay in manufacturing but now they can be applied across the services sectors especially in financial services. This brings me to social media which has been gaining acceptance in the investment management space, albeit at a snail’s pace. Nonetheless, I believe social media strategy is a must whether it’s to increase sales or generate brand awareness or re-position your firm differently.
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