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Startup Mania – Coding Mania

I had the pleasure of attending Angel Vine yesterday. It’s a gathering of start-up founders, VCs, angels and others interested in the start-up tech space. I was there supporting a friend of mine who is working on a multisided platform that brings together car enthusiasts, parts sellers/re-sellers, event organizers and even car companies themselves – ambitious to say the least. As I spoke to people I realized 2 things: One, coding is cooler than ever and two, mobile saturation – everyone seems to have their hand on something related to mobile.

I spoke to a few people who proudly stated that they’ve been learning how to code – which is fantastic. This allows people to create products and makes them “dangerous” enough to create impact. This is the change – coding which has always been formal and taught in rigorous computer science programs is now a commodity.  The change has been in the tools and platforms and their scalability + robustness. This really empowers people to release usable products in a very short time frame(depending on complexity of course).
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Facebook Home & Mobile Advertising

facebook-home-via-cnetThe battle for mobile advertising is heating up. While Google has a sustained business model for mobile advertising, Facebook is still testing the waters. Google’s mobile ad revenues are 4 times that of Facebook’s. Furthermore, ad metrics comparison between GOOG & FB is not necessarily straightforward. There is a simple underlying distinction – Google indexes the web and FB indexes relationships. Using that perspective its apparent how mobile ad revenues can balloon on either side – depending on the exponential growth rates of relationships or simply the future expanse of the “web universe”.
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Forget Generation Y

Generation_CI was recently reading a book about Fundamental Analysis. As I read through the e-book which was published sometime in 2009, I realized how outdated it was. The book was not outdated in terms of the actual methodology or academic content but the references to websites and resources were. Having worked in an industry that has been slow to embrace social media in general, I realized that information consumption as reflected in popular e-books were also outdated. This got me thinking about my own behavior and I realized I had to re-classify myself. I don’t know when it happened – but I’m no longer generation Y. I’m generation C. Coined by Nielsen, it is the generation that is constantly ‘Connected’.
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The Low Hanging Fruit – Social Media Sales

Social-Media-Sales-Low-Hanging-FruitI’m a big proponent of looking across industries when trying to innovate within one’s own industry. This applies not only to operational innovation but also to sales & marketing strategy. Looking across industries for new ideas opens your field of vision and makes you think about solutions which you previously thought were only applicable to that particular industry. For example, look how far Kaizen & Lean have come. They were a mainstay in manufacturing but now they can be applied across the services sectors especially in financial services. This brings me to social media which has been gaining acceptance in the investment management space, albeit at a snail’s pace. Nonetheless, I believe social media strategy is a must whether it’s to increase sales or generate brand awareness or re-position your firm differently.
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