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Exportunity, a trade platform for Africa

PHP Classified B2B Script, B2B Directory ScriptA couple of weeks ago, NPR had a special on a young man from Africa. Vital Sounouvou, an entrepreneur from Benin founded Exportunity, a trading platform. It’s an ambitious idea and if the platform gains traction, it can restructure how agricultural produce and goods are traded within the African continent and more.
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Apple & Beats by Dre – The Synergies

beats-by-dr.-dre-logo-448x298The stories are abound this week. Apple to acquire Beats by Dre. Dre to become the first billionaire hip-hop Moghul. Overpriced valuation, right valuation, Apple is only interested in the hardware, Apple wants to augment its iTunes with a new service etc. Without delving deeper into the valuation or financial synergies – which I cannot comment upon since Beats is private, the strategy as to why Apple is acquiring Beats is quite clear to me. Its 2 fold – acquire an extremely popular hardware maker with capacity to scale while bringing in some much needed “youth” to its iTunes offering.
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A lesson about business model agility from India’s Amazon

FlipKart is India’s Amazon. Launched in 2007, Flipkart followed the Amazon growth curve initially. The founders are former Amazon employees and oddly enough the first book they sold was “Leaving Microsoft to change the world”. Flipkart is doing just that in the Indian market. The Indian market is challenging and has a plethora of problems that Flipkart has had to confront. Flipkart have not only navigated around these problems successfully but have also grown impressively in the past 5 years.
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