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Hyperloop – The economics make it unfeasible

Hyperloop - Elon Musk SpaceXElon Musk is a pioneer – first with Paypal, then Tesla and SpaceX and Hyperloop is his new concept to make transportation efficient. Hyperloop is the word making the rounds on various news websites, blogs and twitterverse. Some have heralded Hyperloop as the next great invention and the general buzz seems focused on re-thinking and re-inventing the traditional transport model. However, I see things a little differently.  The Hyperloop model sounds exciting but I just don’t think it’s feasible from an investment perspective.
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A lesson about business model agility from India’s Amazon

FlipKart is India’s Amazon. Launched in 2007, Flipkart followed the Amazon growth curve initially. The founders are former Amazon employees and oddly enough the first book they sold was “Leaving Microsoft to change the world”. Flipkart is doing just that in the Indian market. The Indian market is challenging and has a plethora of problems that Flipkart has had to confront. Flipkart have not only navigated around these problems successfully but have also grown impressively in the past 5 years.
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Facebook and Mobile Advertising – Part 2

3 months ago, I had written a post about Facebook Home and the potential of mobile advertising. I asserted that FB had the right strategy especially in terms of growing and not necessarily paying attention to satisfy investors. FB’s strategy is paying off. The additional spending in R&D focused on mobile advertising and user growth is paying “dividends”.
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Startup Mania – Coding Mania

I had the pleasure of attending Angel Vine yesterday. It’s a gathering of start-up founders, VCs, angels and others interested in the start-up tech space. I was there supporting a friend of mine who is working on a multisided platform that brings together car enthusiasts, parts sellers/re-sellers, event organizers and even car companies themselves – ambitious to say the least. As I spoke to people I realized 2 things: One, coding is cooler than ever and two, mobile saturation – everyone seems to have their hand on something related to mobile.

I spoke to a few people who proudly stated that they’ve been learning how to code – which is fantastic. This allows people to create products and makes them “dangerous” enough to create impact. This is the change – coding which has always been formal and taught in rigorous computer science programs is now a commodity.  The change has been in the tools and platforms and their scalability + robustness. This really empowers people to release usable products in a very short time frame(depending on complexity of course).
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Seth Godin & Backwards – A wisdom video

Seth_GodinI recently watched a talk by Seth Godin who talks about finding your audience and breaking out of the mundane routines. My wife who runs the popular blog LifeInSketch went to the talk and recommended it to me. Hosted by Creative Mornings at the New School in Manhattan the speaker that morning was the ever green Seth Godin. I had read Godin’s book “Permission Marketing” way back in 2000. Ever since, I had stopped following the author. However, when I came across this video by Creative Mornings,  I had to share.
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