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Read this thread – Wealth Creation

This is not your ordinary post, but I thought this tweet was profound and had to share. How to get rich without getting lucky:


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Don’t write a business plan for your new start-up

It’s been a few months since I’ve written on this blog. Apologies. The objective is to be more pro-active going forward. I hope to share with you my thoughts and key insights as I go about developing Snacky – a passion project of mine for the past 2 – 3 months. Snacky – an iOS app. aims to fundamentally alter how we search for restaurants and bars today. It is visual, it is based on your social circle, it’s easy on the eyes and effortless in terms of usability. It’s set to pilot in NYC in the next 4 – 6 weeks.  Going forward, I will share useful material and lessons learned from application development complexities to customer development.

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Platform Strategy and User Personas

When building a new platform that focuses on a supply – demand model, its important to focus on an initial hypothesized set of users grouped by similar characteristics, behaviors and goals. Focusing on a set of users for the MVP – Minimum Viable Platform is crucial in cornering a subset of the market and gaining traction progressively by horizontally expanding into complementary user groups.
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Product Strategy – Feature Prioritization

For the past few months I have been advising a couple of start-ups with their product strategy. One of the questions I keep hearing is centered on product feature prioritization and sequencing. One such startup is an online platform focused on knowledge sharing between emerging markets and investment clientele  and they wanted to build out their MVP –  but were struggling with multiple questions around focus on an initial client type and minimum feature set to release that will result in the greatest value add.

My advice on a high level was to use 2 frameworks in order to map the highest value add features aligned with short-term and longer term business goals.
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Made in NYC – 3 technology driven KickStarter projects

KickStarter, IndieGoGo, Startsomegood are a few of the crowd funding destinations I like to visit on a pretty regular basis. Its where, I can get lost researching on various projects and the technologies behind it. These sites have become a hotbed for creators and investors (both retail and accredited). Crowd funding acts as a preliminary validation platform and can provide for great sources of innovation and thereby attract seed and early stage investment capital. Let’s not forget Oculus Rift, the headset maker acquired by FB for $2B, was a project on Kickstarter.
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