MeHello Folks,

My name is Ajay Swamy. My background is in Computer Science and Product Development.  I also received an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Information Technologies from New York University. I have an MBA with Honors from top 10 ranked IE Business School based out of Madrid specializing in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and General Management. I currently work as a management consultant.

I’m a technologist who often obsesses over issues that range from the impact of technology on disruptive business models to product management and impact investing. I’m passionate about building and launching products that provide impact, even better if that impact translates to a double bottom line. Currently, I’m building Snacky – a visual discovery iOS app. to find restaurants and bars, piloting in NYC.

My experience includes being a hands-on engineer and product leader where I envisioned, built and launched internal and external facing global products (ala global websites, trade management systems, e-commerce platforms, CMSs etc.) across capital markets, publishing and media. Along with management consulting, my experience has provided me invaluable holistic knowledge combining the intricacies of software development, product and strategy. I  write about the following topics:

  • Technology & Business Strategy
  • Product Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Impact Investing
  • Disruptive Social Enterprises

Feel free to contact me via any of the channels below:

Twitter: @DeccanAjay

Email: Ajay dot Swamy at Gmail dot com