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I had the pleasure of attending Angel Vine yesterday. It’s a gathering of start-up founders, VCs, angels and others interested in the start-up tech space. I was there supporting a friend of mine who is working on a multisided platform that brings together car enthusiasts, parts sellers/re-sellers, event organizers and even car companies themselves – ambitious to say the least. As I spoke to people I realized 2 things: One, coding is cooler than ever and two, mobile saturation – everyone seems to have their hand on something related to mobile.

I spoke to a few people who proudly stated that they’ve been learning how to code – which is fantastic. This allows people to create products and makes them “dangerous” enough to create impact. This is the change – coding which has always been formal and taught in rigorous computer science programs is now a commodity.  The change has been in the tools and platforms and their scalability + robustness. This really empowers people to release usable products in a very short time frame(depending on complexity of course).

I’ve been coding since I was 19 or so and at this point it’s innate to me. I’m language neutral, framework neutral and environment neutral i.e. the learning curve is flat. The same learning curve is also becoming flatter to most people, especially when it comes to creating mobile and web apps.

Switching gears to mobile – I spoke to 4 different people in a span of 30 minutes and all of them were in the mobile analytics space, all based in New York. Wow. Talk about impending saturation. I view the mobile start up space slightly differently from an investment perspective. If you apply a contrarian investing perspective to venture capital 2 things become apparent very quickly. The first is the VCs are lagging behind in the mobile curve and secondly when the dust settles they’ll have available investment opportunities somewhat cheaply i.e. wait it out until the bubble pops and go in for the survivors who will be the ones with real cash flows.

With that said I did come across 2 companies which I’m excited about. The first is of course the multisided platform started by my good friend Robin Bhattacharyya called Carponents. They are growing and are already in the midst of some very busy site revision. This platform is unique and shows tremendous potential bringing in various parties together. Let’s not forget the US car market (including auto parts) is around 5% of GDP. I certainly am looking forward to the next release!

The second company is Social Sign In. They essentially allow you to connect to wireless Internet points by connecting with your credentials from trusted social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. But the value proposition is 2 fold. Wireless logins at participating merchants becomes seamless to you, the user and secondly these merchants can now provide you with more personable services and products based on your interests. Oh and they do care about your privacy, so that’s a plus in my book.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this space. In closing, I came away inspired and am already looking forward to the next event.

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