Seth Godin & Backwards – A wisdom video

Seth_GodinI recently watched a talk by Seth Godin who talks about finding your audience and breaking out of the mundane routines. My wife who runs the popular blog LifeInSketch went to the talk and recommended it to me. Hosted by Creative Mornings at the New School in Manhattan the speaker that morning was the ever green Seth Godin. I had read Godin’s book “Permission Marketing” way back in 2000. Ever since, I had stopped following the author. However, when I came across this video by Creative Mornings,  I had to share.

The video is around 19 minutes and some of the takeaways are the following:

  1. This might seem obvious but we all forget how crucial this is. We live in a world of interconnected relationships. We need to leverage this in order to climb up, move laterally or start a new venture. You cannot go solo. You’re not a leopard. Turn your network and connections from transactional to transformational.
  2. If you want to do something unique at your top-down corporate hierarchical firm – start small. Small wins will make your boss look good, while the small failures will allow you to take responsibility and improve. Win – win.
  3. If you cannot achieve or change the downward, archaic culture or your job – leave. Find a mutually satisfying gig that’ll allow you to do what you want to do whilst you add value to the company. This can obviously be substituted for entrepreneurial projects.
  4. If you’re an entrepreneur – find the right clients. The right clients “get” you, they “get” your vision. You cannot change them all. Once you establish the core following the rest will follow. Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon didn’t take off immediately. So be patient and find the right clients.

I’ll let you watch the rest of the wisdom below. Enjoy!

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