Forget Generation Y

Generation_CI was recently reading a book about Fundamental Analysis. As I read through the e-book which was published sometime in 2009, I realized how outdated it was. The book was not outdated in terms of the actual methodology or academic content but the references to websites and resources were. Having worked in an industry that has been slow to embrace social media in general, I realized that information consumption as reflected in popular e-books were also outdated. This got me thinking about my own behavior and I realized I had to re-classify myself. I don’t know when it happened – but I’m no longer generation Y. I’m generation C. Coined by Nielsen, it is the generation that is constantly ‘Connected’.

The sooner companies realize the difference, the better. Generation C consume data very differently. I’ll use the analogy of a popular marketing & supply chain concept – push-pull strategy. Gen Y are accustomed to a push strategy whereas Gen C utilize a pull strategy. The difference is significant. Previously I used to go dig for information. Searching and bookmarking were the foundational steps. For example, if I wanted quarterly information about a company I would go their corporate website, browse analyst reports or look on popular industry channels. However, my behavior has changed significantly. I find myself pulling information according my own needs whether it’s for future research or simply to keep myself updated on a particular sector.

In a perfect world all companies should offer a “pull” channel to consumers. Gen C know what they need, at what times and even where. Recognizing this and keeping a channel where information is distributed is almost staple in today’s market. Tying this back up to the book I was reading – when I want information about a company I just don’t use the regular channels, I use feeds that bring me the right information I seek at the right time. This is the fundamental transformation. There is no switch-on / switch-off. We are always connected, always consuming and always on the go. As such information delivery should be in sync with consumption.

Want to find out if you’re Gen C? Take a minute and use this nifty tool by Booz & Co to find out. The results might surprise you, they certainly surprised me!

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