The Final Push

The Final Push

Hola Todos,

It’s been a great summer break.  The past 3 weeks we’ve all relaxed, spent time with our families and friends and recharged our batteries. As a much needed summer break draws to a close, the GMBA train picks up speed this weekend.  We’re back to focusing on classes and our entrepreneurship projects along with a presential session thrown in between – this time in Sao Paulo Brazil! Yes, a few of us from the Global MBA are off to the great city of Sao Paulo for a week of classes at INSPER (Institute of Education and Research) for an in-depth look at Brazil from an emerging market perspective.  While most of us are really excited about this, we are also aware of the difficulty of balancing ongoing classes in Financial Management and Organizational Behavior.

Financial Management (preceded by the Fundamentals) has been ride that has taken us far into the crevices of corporate finance, firm valuation and management of finance.  While this class is a mainstay of most MBA curriculums what makes this class unique is once again the diversity of value added opinions, case studies and of course the focus on the big picture of ethics.  Organizational Behavior is a class that completely took me by surprise. It really focuses on building your emotional capacity in understanding people, human behavior, relationships and of course tying all of this to ensure you become an emotional manager capable of inspiring and executing.  This is a key component of strategic implementation /management and success is predicated upon really understanding your employees and organizational culture and sources of inertia & roadblocks.

As time consuming as those above classes are, all of us are also immersed in our Entrepreneurship projects. We all had the pleasure of listening to our colleagues’ pitches around 3 weeks ago.  Some of the ideas were nothing short of brilliant. I won’t give them away here, but let’s just say a few of those ideas are global game changers. As we continue to hone our ideas, chip away at the inherent risks and optimize our revenue models we are essentially putting all of the knowledge from our classes, case studies, debate forums and theories to work. Although the study of entrepreneurial finance, risk mitigation, opportunity recognition and strategy cannot teach you the act of entrepreneurship itself, it will teach you how to do it successfully. Entrepreneurship fills you with passion and if you have a promising business model IE Business School will help you execute via the Venture Lab. If this doesn’t help you discover your passion or develop a vision, I don’t know what will.

This is the final push. The last 15 weeks. The last 100 or so odd days.  It might seem distant but with the amount of work on our plates, weeks fly by.  I wait for the day when we will all be in Madrid for our final business plan pitches & presentations. In the meantime time to refocus and look forward to my post about the upcoming Sao Paulo trip!



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