The beginning of Term 2

Hello folks!

Term 1 of the Global MBA has officially ended.  Whew, what a great ride it’s been.  We ended with 2 very interesting courses – IT Management and Strategic Management which was an in-depth continuation of the previous Strategy class.  So what does term 2 hold? Challenges that might dwarf what we faced in Term 1.

To begin we all have new team mates. But this should be easy right? We’ve already figured out how to work efficiently in our previous teams and we can apply the same methodologies to our new teams. Wrong! With a new team, comes new team dynamics, new personalities, ideas and working habits. I’m definitely looking forward to this challenge but most of all – it’s a fantastic opportunity to work closely with other members of the GMBA from different parts of the globe.  Term 2 might soon become synonymous with exhaustive. This is the term where you drill down further, analyze more and really get to the heart of the matter – not that you didn’t before, but now you have ammunition you bear from Term 1.

Term 2 also has a third course until the end of the MBA – entrepreneurship.  This is a course that’ll really bring out the passion in you to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset – whether it’s corporate, social or for-profit start-up entrepreneurship. Furthermore you form your own groups for entrepreneurship and work on a business plan which you present in Madrid to a panel during graduation week.  The groups are tricky as you automatically strive to add missing talent to a group. It’s competitive, it’s sometimes cut-throat but mostly you are given the opportunity to start something with a smart group of people. Entrepreneurship is unique at IE Global MBA. Our group for example spans from the US to Middle-East to Eastern Europe. This kind of diversity brings tremendous value to a project in terms of analyzing market challenges, entry/execution strategies and operational knowhow from multiple perspectives. This is a luxury especially if you’ve envisioned a business with geographic target markets that extend beyond your own country.

So what’s next? The struggle for balance. Balance of work, entrepreneurship, core classes and 2 different teams. In September a few of us from the Global MBA will have the opportunity to travel to Sao Paolo, Brazil.  This will be a fantastic experience in line with exploring opportunities and the economic landscape in BRICSA countries (if you missed my post about South Africa it’s here).

Stay tuned and wish us luck!

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