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Global blended learning

Hello again folks!

Sorry its taken me 2 months to update. Its been a very hectic 2 months to say the least – from demanding coursework to navigating team dynamics. Since my last posting – we at the Global MBA are almost done with 4 classes.  Marketing Management, Financial Accounting and we’re in the last stages of Cost Accounting and Strategy. The professors have been absolutely brilliant in challenging us everyday, making us think exhaustively and adding value to our discussion, that truly facilitates learning. I cannot tell you the amount of “Aha!” moments I’ve had in the past 2 months. The amalgamation of our diverse and intellectual student group, case methodologies and blended platform makes for a very powerful learning experience. Its not just the student group that’s diverse, the professors contribute to the diversity as well. For example the current professors in Strategy & Cost Accounting – teach from Cartagena and Amsterdam! Every strategy session we learn little tidbits about Cartagena and doing business in Colombia. Talk about Global!

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